SATURDAY & SUNDAY | AUGUST 15 & 16, 2015 | 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


$297 Per Participant | Limit 30 Participants

To register for this online workshop, go to: http://www.youawakening.com/summer-2015/cristo-bowers1/special-offer/



At this time in human evolution, many have developed what Cristo L. Bowers terms receptive intuitive faculties. When the various intuitive faculties, which differ according to a person’s development, are brought under conscious control, Cristo terms them directed intuitive faculties. Learn to Read the Human Energy Field is a weekend workshop that is designed to initiate the process of bringing the intuitive faculties under conscious control. Throughout the weekend workshop, Cristo will work closely with each participant.


The weekend session will consist of a series of short, interactive dialogs; three major initiations to extend the intuitive capabilities of those who are present; and practice under the direct supervision of Cristo. Throughout the weekend, Cristo will give a series of talks pertaining to the cultivation and use of intuitive faculties. All talks will be delivered in a question & answer format, as time allows.


The initiations will consist of activating several major centers in each person in attendance. The initiations will include activating the 8th chakra, opening and clearing the Devotional Heart Center, and activating the chakra that is located beneath the feet, referred to in some literature as the “Incarnation Point.” The practice portion of the Learn to Read the Human Energy Field workshop will include learning to engage as well as to interpret belief systems. Students who complete the weekend session will receive a certificate of completion signed by Cristo.


–  Learn Your Dominant Intuitional Sense.

–  Save wasted hours and frustration trying to generate information through a closed or blocked faculty.

–  During the Practicum portion, learn your blocks to developing your Dominant Intuitional Sense.

–  Receive energetic activations that support psychic development.

–  Learn from an authority in the field of energy science.

–  Practice in a controlled environment where intuitions can be immediately validated.



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