Monday, February 22, 2021 | 8:00 PM EST

Cristo will address the problem of the utilization of a center identified and outlined by Alice Bailey in her book Esoteric Psychology II, page 539.* In this lecture, Cristo will discuss the evolutionary basis of the utilization of a center. Cristo will base his assertions on his direct observations of the human energy field, as well as his direct observations of the energy field of devas and nature spirits. This lecture will incorporate real-world examples of the utilization of a center provided by a clairvoyant examination of attendant volunteers.

*Utilisation of a centre. Let me explain this phrase. Certain difficulties also arise when a centre is used to such an extent that the attention is withdrawn from the activity of the other centres and they are thus neglected. In this way, whole areas of consciousness can temporarily cease to be recognised. It should be remembered that the goal of all the mystic's efforts should be to achieve a rounded-out development which brings into use sequentially, correctly and in conformity to right ray methods, all the different centres. Many people, however (once a centre is awakening and is subjectively stimulated) immediately find the utilisation of the centre to be the line of least resistance; they, therefore, begin to function almost exclusively through that centre. This can be well illustrated by two examples.


Thursday, February 25, 2021 | 8:00 PM EST  


In this webinar, Cristo will review “The Living Image” section of The Masters and the Path, written by Theosophist Charles W. Leadbeater. Click here to view a PDF of the content that Cristo will review and discuss.


Monday, March 8, 2021 | 8:00 PM EST

In this webinar, Cristo will review content taken from A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey. The review and discussion will focus on the development and function of the Third Eye Chakra. 


The centre between the eyebrows, commonly called the third eye has a unique and peculiar function. As I have pointed out elsewhere, students must not confound the pineal gland with the third eye. They are related, but not the same. In The Secret Doctrine they apparently regarded as the same, and the casual reader can easily confound them but they are by no means identical. This H.P.B. knew, but the apparent confusion was permitted until more of the etheric nature of forms was known. The third eye manifests as a result of the vibratory interaction between the forces of the soul, working through the pineal gland, and the forces of the personality, working through the pituitary body. These negative and positive forces interact, and when potent enough produce the light in the the head. Just as the physical eye came into being in response to the light of the sun so the spiritual eye equally comes into being in response to the light of the spiritual sun. As the aspirant develops he becomes aware of the light. I refer to the light in all forms, veiled by all sheaths and expressions of the divine life, and not just to the light within the aspirant himself. As his awareness of this light increases so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanism whereby he can see things in the spiritual light comes into being in the etheric body.

This is the eye of Shiva, for it is only fully utilized in the magical work when the monadic aspect, the will aspect, is controlling.

By means of the third eye the soul accomplishes three activities:

1.  It is the eye of vision. By its means, the spiritual man sees behind the forms of all aspects of divine expression. He becomes aware of the light of the world, and contacts the soul within all forms. Just as the physical eye registers forms, so does the spiritual eye register the illumination within those forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state of being. It opens up the world of radiance.


Monday, March 15, 2021 | 8:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, Cristo will review excerpts taken from Talks on the Path of Occultism and How Theosophy Came to Me by Charles Leadbeater. The excerpts will focus on the natural development of clairvoyance and the rigorous training required to make it an infallible tool of investigation and research.



Click here and search to find and read the 13 references to "untrained." 

Talks on the Path of Occultism

C.W.L.— Those who become pupils of the Masters are put through a long course of training with regard to this matter of higher sight and higher impressions generally. I suppose that to many that training would be very wearisome. An elder pupil will take the younger and pass before him a number of different objects and ask him what he sees. The young pupil is generally quite wrong at first, because he has got the thing out of focus. He does not know the difference between the astral body of a dead man and of a living man, nor that between the man himself and a thought-form made by some friend. In these and many other ways the untrained observer is liable to deception. Patiently the teacher will show him these things again and again, and show him how to recognize them, pointing out the minute differences.

If a man wishes for physic powers he must work at their development and it is often a matter of years before the man is perfectly certain of his accuracy in all cases. It is difficult to realize the extent of the area over which this clairvoyant vision extends. Take one example only: in the astral plane there are two thousand four hundred and one different varieties of what is called elemental essence, and if one wishes to be reliable and to do his work well and quickly, he must learn to distinguish one from another, and know when they are to be used. The work can be done without any of this knowledge, but wastefully—on the principle of emptying a bucket of water over a man to wash his little finger.

How Theosophy Came to Me

It must not for a moment be supposed, however, that the attainment of this particular power was the end of the occult training. On the contrary, it proved to be only the beginning of a year of the hardest work that I have ever known. It will be understood that I lived there in the octagonal room by the river-side alone for many long hours every day, and practically secure from any interruption except at the meal-times which I have mentioned. Several Masters were so gracious as to visit me during that period and to offer me various hints; but it was the Master Djwal Kul who gave most of the necessary instruction. It may be that He was moved to this act of kindness because of my close association with Him in my last life, when I studied under Him in the Pythagorean school which He established in Athens, and even had the honour of managing it after His death. I know not how to thank Him for the enormous amount of care and trouble which He took in my psychic education; patiently and over and over again He would make a vivid thought-form, and say to me: "What do you see?" And when I described it to the best of my ability, would come again and again the comment: "No, no, you are not seeing true; you are not seeing all; dig deeper into yourself, use your mental vision as well as your astral; press just a little further, a little higher."

This process often had to be many times repeated before my mentor was satisfied. The pupil has to be tested in all sorts of ways and under all conceivable conditions; indeed, towards the end of the tuition supportive nature-spirits are specially called in and ordered in every way possible to endeavour to confuse or mislead the seer. Unquestionably it is hard work, and the strain which it imposes is, I suppose, about as great as a human being can safely endure; but the result achieved is assuredly far more than worth while, for it leads directly up to the union of the lower and the higher self and produces an utter certainty of knowledge based upon experience which no future happenings can ever shake.


Monday, March 22, 2021 | 8:00 PM EDT  


In this webinar, Cristo will review the "Effect of Cruelty to Children" section of The Masters and the Path by Theosophist Charles W. Leadbeater. The focus of the discussion will be the impact of cruelty or abuse on the structures and the appearance of the auric field. Click here to view a PDF of the content that Cristo will review and discuss.


Monday, April 12, 2021 | 8:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, Cristo will review and discuss excerpts taken from Talks on the Path of Occultism by Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater. The aim of this webinar is to provide an occult understanding of the Sanskrit term vrittis found in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Click here to view a PDF of the content that Cristo will review and discuss.


Monday, April 26, 2021 | 8:00 PM EDT  


In this webinar, Cristo will provide a detailed analysis of the limited clairvoyant observations of Geoffrey Hodson and Charles Leadbeater of scars in the auric field.


Click here to view a PDF of the Charles Leadbeater content that Cristo will review and discuss.

Geoffrey Hodson Excerpt:

In order to follow the suggestion which I am about to make, it is necessary that one of the differences between the astral and the physical body should be made clear.

In the physical body there are at least three systems of circulation already discovered, i.e., those of the blood, the lymph, and the vitality. In the astral, all the matter of which it consists circulates over the whole body, being vitalised and specialised by each of the force centres in turn, as it passes through them.

Epilepsy, too, appears to be a disease, which has its roots in the mento-astral region, and its causes in magico-sexual practices in the far-off past.

An endeavour to study it has shown, in some cases, the presence of an unhealthy area in the astral body, due to the presence of what might be described as a large scar; this is sometimes about six inches in diameter, and consist of "dead" astral matter. When, in the course of circulation, this patch enters the region of, or just above, the brain, it seems to cut the line of connection between the consciousness and the brain; one is reminded of a sunspot in watching it. This process may be sudden or gradual, and the nature of the epileptic seizure will correspond. Probably the physical elemental, feeling the sudden break, makes violent endeavours to hold on, and so causes the convulsions which usually accompany the attacks.

The effect of repeated negative thought and emotion has been found to be that of producing growths in the physical body. Cases of growths, suspected of being cancerous, when examined clairvoyantly, showed the condition of the astral body in the neighbourhood of the growth to be very similar to that described in reference to epilepsy, but with the difference that it was not in circulation.