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DATE TO BE DETERMINED | 8:00–9:00 PM EDT | $9.99


This Unconditional Love Meditation webinar will start with the intentional radiation of unconditional love to participants, followed by the intentional radiation of unconditional love by participants* to humanity. 


"I have listened to thousands of calls, webinars, and attended hundreds of programs, but the kind of shift, change and metamorphosis that I am undergoing now through your Unconditional Love Meditation is incredible, unbelievable and totally miraculous." —Elena



"Your Unconditional Love Meditation webinar gets to the heart of healing and uplifting humanity in a way I did not understand or know possible." —Anita

Previous attendees have claimed profound spiritual experiences and miracles of a personal nature, lasting peace and love, as well as emotional centeredness that is beyond the ordinary for their own life and experience.

"During the Unconditional Love meditation, I saw the Earth suspended in the center of the circle we formed. The white energy from all of us engulfed the Earth and then engulfed all of us and the Earth in a ball of white, loving energy. A swirl of white energy came out of the ball and went up into space and connected us to every celestial body, forming a giant grid, or web, of thin, white, glistening strands of energy." —Diane

"During your Unconditional Love Meditation, I saw a beautiful vision of all of us sitting with Kuan Yin above the earth with the Solar Logos pouring streams of light into the crowns of our heads. We were asked to receive the light and transmit it to humanity." —Sara

*I see participants as living nirmanakayas. In Buddhism, a nirmanakaya is a being who turns back from nirvana to save humanity from itself by being with them, and by continuously instilling thoughts of self-sacrifice, of self-forgetfulness, of spiritual and moral beauty, of mutual help, and of​ ​compassion.

If you have difficulty registering for this event, please contact Diane by telephone at (734) 878-3198 or by email at diane@cristobowers.com.