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Personal Consulting

"Working with Cristo was miraculous for me. I learned from him that unconscious beliefs from our childhood or other traumatic experiences act as blocks to our ability to manifest our dreams. I am so thankful for connecting with him." —D.E.


There are many times throughout a person’s life when he or she genuinely needs specialized support. However, many people do not seek out the help they need and so needlessly suffer while there is a solution. Cristo draws upon years of research and advanced studies in the areas of psychology and human behavior, as well as the knowledge that he has gained from conducting over 10,000 hours of client one-on-ones, to help his clients find solutions to living happier, more fulfilled lives.

If you would like to schedule a Personal Consulting session, contact Cristo at or 734-878-3198 (text or voice).

Relationship Counseling

"My partner and I booked a couples session with Cristo that literally turned our relationship around. The insights Cristo gave us in an hour would have taken months, possibly years, to uncover in traditional therapy. Cristo is compassionate, efficient, and effective. We now have a deeper understanding of each other and are moving daily toward greater intimacy. Every couple should do this. Wow!" —E.M.


Cristo has helped couples overcome many of the common problems that are encountered during a long-term relationship, such as anger, resentment, sex, trust, and intimacy issues, as well as problems communicating. Cristo has found that many relationships fail simply because they do not have timely or appropriate support when the couple encounters difficulty. Cristo provides a safe container wherein each person can be heard and wherein Cristo advocates for the needs of each to bring deep and lasting healing to the relationship.

If you would like to schedule a Relationship Counseling session, contact Cristo at or 734-878-3198 (text or voice).

Business development to success and growing growth concept. Businessman pointing arrow gra
Business Consulting

"Cristo helped my business partner and me make several important decisions for our massage practice. He helped us see how we both were burned out and in need of making our business work for us. He helped us make the decision to hire an office manager to take some of the pressure off of us. Cristo helped us promote one of our staff to the position of office manager, rather than hire someone from outside our practice. These decisions allowed us both to be human again and not completely overwhelmed by our business."  —B.R.


Cristo has helped many small businesses as both a consultant and a recruiter. Cristo has found that many small businesses fail as a result of the mindset and life circumstances of the people who run them, or due to staffing issues, including the problem of having the wrong person in a position that is vital to the success of the business. Cristo helps his clients create an action plan and/or implement strategies developed through interviews of personnel and observations of the various activities of the business to ensure its success. 

If you would like to schedule a Business Consulting session, contact Cristo at or 734-878-3198 (text or voice).

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