THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2019, 8:00–9:00 PM EDT | $8.88


During a recent webinar, I conducted a brief meditation, wherein I asked participants to hold and radiate the quality of unconditional love to humanity. Clairvoyantly, I was able to watch the alchemical transformation of that force into various human experiences and acts of service that resulted in profound, immediate shifts in the psychological, emotional, and energetic fields of the experiencer. 


As a result of seeing the incredible shifts that the intentional radiation of unconditional love creates, I decided to create a webinar that is solely focused on the intentional radiation of unconditional love. It was through these experiences that the Unconditional Love Meditation was born. This Unconditional Love Meditation webinar will start with the intentional radiation of unconditional love to participants, followed by the intentional radiation of unconditional love by participants* to humanity. I have elected to charge $8.88 for admission, as 888, itself, in numerology, is the symbol of abundance and positivity. 

*I see participants as living nirmanakayas. In Buddhism, a nirmanakaya is a being who turns back from nirvana to save humanity from itself by being with them, and by continuously instilling thoughts of self-sacrifice, of self-forgetfulness, of spiritual and moral beauty, of mutual help, and of​ ​compassion.

Unconditional Love Meditation September 5, 2019

  • If you have questions about this webinar, have problems with the registration process, or wish to pay by check, please contact Diane at (734) 878-3198 or diane@cristobowers.com.