Spiritual Alignment Meditation Webinar with Bonus Content

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 8:00 PM EST


With over 20 years of meditation practice, Cristo knows that, in the right hands, meditation can be used as a tool of profound spiritual growth and transformation. Under normal circumstances, meditation can take years of practice before the mind yields its secrets. Cristo, however, has developed a meditation technique that results in immediate and clear perceptual awareness.
Using his own meditation technique, developed as a result of two decades of meditation practice, Cristo will guide participants through the process of self discovery. Thereby each participant will have a spontaneous and direct perception of the personal obstacles that are keeping him or her from complete spiritual alignment. As a result of the integration of the perception revealed through meditation, increased spiritual alignment occurs spontaneously.
Cristo's meditation practice is encouraged for anyone who wants a deeper, more fulfilling spiritual relationship with Source.



The Bonus Content provides 10 additional subjects of introspective meditation designed to accelerate your personal and spiritual development (audio file). 

Spiritual Alignment Meditation Webinar with Bonus Content

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