Learn to Read the Human Energy Field Weekend Workshop

Saturday & Sunday | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

(Single day option can either be Saturday or Sunday)


In this two-day Learn to Read the Human Energy Field Weekend Workshop, each participant will be informed of his or her dominant, receptive intuitive faculty as perceived clairvoyantly by Cristo. This workshop will consist of a series of in-depth, interactive dialogs; three major initiations to extend the intuitive capabilities of those who are present; and practice under the direct supervision of Cristo.


During the workshop, Cristo will discuss the cultivation and use of the intuitive faculties, drawing upon compelling analogies as well as illustrations of the human energy field that reveal the mechanics of the intuition. A significant portion of time will be dedicated to the role that the chakras, as well as the Central Channel, play in the function of the intuition. The initiations will consist of the activation of several major chakras that facilitate the expansion of the intuition.

During the practicum portion of the Learn to Read the Human Energy Field Weekend Workshop, Cristo will work closely with each participant to help them understand and use their specific type of intuition. Students will engage the auric field of volunteer co-participants under the direction of Cristo via their dominant intuitional sense. Practice will include learning to receive information passively through the open channels of the intuition as well as learning to direct the intuition to reveal specific information. During the practicum, participants will be provided the opportunity to explore the negative beliefs that stand in the way of the further development and use of their intuition.


$200 Single Day

$350 Both Days/Weekend

Limit 20

Petoskey: Single Day Learn to Read the Human Energy Field