25 New Client Promotional Pricing Hours Available*

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Although many clients report significant transformation with just one session with Cristo, many clients have deeply ingrained patterns that take more time to thoroughly address and heal. Generally, Cristo sees significant, lasting results with clients who have three to five sessions with him.


*Please note: This promotion is for Esoteric Psychology sessions. 


Esoteric Psychology Session

Many people who choose the Esoteric Psychology session describe themselves as “stuck” or they realize that they need help overcoming lifelong patterns which seem inescapable. During an Esoteric Psychology session, Cristo uses his ability to examine the energy field of his clients to help him or her understand and overcome unconscious and limiting beliefs, and ingrained patterns that stand in the way of their success and personal happiness. Many people who have experienced an Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that a one-hour Esoteric Psychology session was more valuable than years of traditional therapy.


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New Client Promotional Pricing

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