Learn to Read the Human Energy Field (LTR) One-Day Online Workshop | $150

Sunday, August 23, 2020  | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT


“I was the first to have my 8th chakra initiated, and as Cristo moved on to everyone else in the group, I watched as he stepped in front of each person, and above each one there was a small orange glowing ball. It was not bright, but muted in its tone. When Cristo stuck his finger into the small circle, it seemed to send out a sort of “ping” or some sort of tone. It then started to glow gold and started rotating and spinning. As it spun, it sent out waves of energy that spilled out and over each person. When Cristo moved away, the glowing and spinning and waves of energy did not stop. The chakra continued to spin and move and have that ringing vibration, just as it had when he stuck his finger into the circle.” —K. Rice, Student Observation During Learn to Read the Human Energy Field Workshop with Cristo L. Bowers


The Learn to Read the Human Energy Field One-Day Workshop will consist of a series of in-depth, interactive dialogues; initiations to extend the intuitive capabilities of those who are present; and practice under the direct supervision of Cristo.

In this one-day workshop, Cristo will discuss the cultivation and use of the intuitive faculties, drawing upon compelling analogies as well as illustrations of the human energy field that reveal the mechanics of the intuition.

A significant portion of time will be dedicated to the role that the chakras, as well as the Central Channel, play in the function of the intuition. Problems of the intuition, normally a separate lecture, will be incorporated into this one-day workshop.

All talks will be delivered in a question & answer format, as time allows. The initiations will consist of the activation of several major points within the auric field that result in increased psychic awareness.

During the practicum portion of the workshop, students will engage the auric field of volunteer co-participants. Practice will include learning to receive information passively through the open channels of the intuition as well as learning to direct the intuition to cull specific types of information. Through the LTR practicum, each student will have the opportunity to exercise his or her intuitive faculties and to receive validation of his or her impressions.

Learn to Read the Human Energy Field (LTR) One-Day Online Workshop

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