TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2019, 8:00 PM EDT | $20


Please join Cristo for Introspective Meditation: Reconnecting With Your Spiritual Goals. This webinar consists of 14 Introspective Meditation questions (and one invocation) delivered by Cristo that are designed to help you reconnect with, rediscover, and re-imagine your spiritual goals. This meditation is especially useful for those who have been on a decades-long spiritual journey and who need renewal, as well as for those who simply desire to remember and reconnect with their spiritual goals and to be in greater alignment.


Approximate length, 1 hour: ½ hour mediation and ½ hour discussion. If you have difficulty registering, please contact Diane by telephone at (734) 878-3198 or by email at


*Also, Visions & Purpose

Introspective Meditation: Reconnecting With Your Spiritual Goals

  • If you have questions about this webinar or wish to pay by check, please contact Diane at (734) 878-3198 or