Monday, May 24, 2021 | 8:00 PM EDT    

In this special, limited attendance webinar, Cristo will invoke your higher self to give you a gift of healing and transformation. During Cristo’s public and private meditations with clients, the higher selves, or Augoeides, of clients have spontaneously appeared and delivered special messages of healing and transformation. These messages assume the form of a glowing orb that is delivered from the hand of your higher self into your auric field. These messages are unique to each person and carry with them significant healing potential in the form of advanced energy work. Cristo will invoke the Augoeides of each person in attendance to deliver an orb of healing and transformation.


To keep the cost of this webinar consistent with Cristo's monthly webinar offerings, Cristo will NOT reveal the individual Gift from the Higher Self of those in attendance. However, Cristo will seek to elaborate the specific message of healing delivered to the group by the Higher Selves of those in attendance.


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