5 Melrose Drive, Lily Dale, NY 14752


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MONDAY & TUESDAY, AUGUST 22 & 23, 2016

Lyceum Building, 2 East Street, Lily Dale, NY 14718


9:30 AM – 4:30 PM | Two Days of Transformation with Cristo L. Bowers and David Winfree | $200

Cristo Bowers will look into each participant’s energy field and will share with them their unique spiritual name (identificative, descriptive, or corrective). Knowing one’s spiritual name is powerfully transforming. This is a rare opportunity, as very few people have the capacity to give a true spiritual name. Cristo will also share other life-changing insights (as time permits) pertaining to what he sees in the participants’ energy fields that would be healing and transforming for them to know. Types of life-changing insights that may be received can range from archetypal patterns, past life/karmic patterns, disrupted chakras, and negative and limiting beliefs to the specific vibrational quality that is most beneficial for one to be aware of at this time in one’s life. David Winfree will share insights on how to use the information received for maximum benefit and will provide powerful practices for rapidly transforming one’s energy field and one’s life, and for becoming a brighter, fuller expression of one’s Divine archetypal patterns in this life. David and Cristo will transmit powerful healing and transforming energy to those present to assist them in moving forward in healing and transforming their lives. Useful details about this workshop, important information regarding receiving one’s spiritual name, and insights on how one may maximize this opportunity will be posted at


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Leolyn Garden Room, Dale Drive at Glasgow Road, Lily Dale, NY 14752


9:30 – 12:30 PM | Learn to Read the Human Energy Field | $150 | Limit 15 Students

In this 6-hour workshop, Cristo Bowers, a highly skilled clairvoyant and intuitive, will inform each workshop participant of his or her dominant intuitional sense, as well as the most significant negative belief limiting its further development and conscious use. Cristo will provide a detailed overview of the various types of intuition, as well as the chakras with which each ability is associated. Knowing one’s dominant intuitive faculty greatly expedites the development of the dominant intuitive faculty and aids in the process of bringing it under conscious control. Participants will be provided an opportunity to practice consciously directing their dominant intuitive faculty under the guidance of Cristo. Each workshop participant will be given the opportunity to volunteer to be examined by the group, as time allows. The information provided through the practicum portion of the workshop is often life changing itself. This workshop is especially valuable for those who have a sincere interest in harnessing the awesome powers of the intuition. 


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