SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2017 | 8:00–9:00 PM EDT | $40



The Light Body Activation slowly super-charges the auric field over a period of 20 minutes to an hour, in a manner very similar to pranayama. As this activation is similar to pranayama, the Light Body Activation purifies and vitalizes the etheric body, without the risk of mental strain associated with pranayama. The Light Body Activation attunes the vital body from the outside through a series of energetic impacts emitted by Cristo. Many attendees are able to directly experience the waves of light striking and activating their Light Body. Please join Cristo for this favorite webcast event. Participants do not have to attend the live webcast to receive the Light Body Activation. Once registered, a participant enters into an energetic contract to receive the Light Body Activation.


$40 per registrant

To register for this webinar, please contact Diane at (734) 878-3198 or