Six-Month Mentorship Program | Nine-Month Apprenticeship Program
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Participant Limit | 10 Mentorships | 2 Apprenticeships

"I believe that Cristo’s ability to see all the things that he can perceive in the

energy field is on the leading edge of the next phase of human development." —L.E. 

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Six-Month Program (Dates to be Determined)


"I have been where you are going. I can guide you on your journey. Let me help you." —Cristo


When my intuition spontaneously opened in 2007, I was without a guide. I was effectively dropped off in an unfamiliar world without a map or compass. I struggled alone. Since my intuition only worked sporadically at the time, I spent the next few years using contemplative practices to bring my intuition under conscious control. Slowly, I was able to see more, know more, and hear more.


Thirteen years after my intuition opened, I have learned the intricacies of the intuition and how it works in its various forms, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. I have learned to use the development of my intuition to see the intuitive development of others, their highest and lowest developed capacities, as well as the inherent defects and limits of the channels of their intuition, including conditioning and beliefs that compromise the functioning of the intuition.


This program is the culmination of nearly 30 years of study of the human energy field, as well as the mastery of my own intuitive faculties. I have designed this program to give you all the tools that you will need to develop and master your intuitional capacities and to convert them into a financially successful, intuition-based practice.


At the end of this program, you will:

  • Have completed 28 Intuitive Development Modules and 10 modules pertaining to setting up an intuitive-based business.

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for the 6-month mentorship or 9-month apprenticeship.

  • Have a detailed understanding of the condition and functionality of the individual channels of your own intuition.

  • Have become proficient in sourcing information through the individual channels of the intuition that are available to you.

  • Have garnered the practicum experience necessary to develop the know-how and confidence you need to create a financially successful practice.

  • Have a cutting-edge, fact-driven understanding of the human energy field and its anatomy.

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the intuition.

  • Have developed lasting peer relationships with other co-participants.

  • Have 24/7 access to all the materials used throughout the course for 1 year.

  • Have an intuitive development reading list/resources.

Students who complete Cristo’s Intuitive Development Mentorship will have a comprehensive and vital understanding of the mechanics of the intuition, as well as the role that their own unique life experiences have played in the development of their intuition. During the mentorship program, students will have explored gathering information through all channels of the intuition, so that each student breaks new ground in the development and use of his or her own intuitive faculties. Students will have learned the science behind relationships that result in the spontaneous expansion of their intuition so they can consciously choose to participate in relationships that augment their intuitive development. Finally, students will have received instructions and exercises specifically designed for the further enhancement of their intuition outside of the Intuitive Development Mentorship.

​Students will have access to the module recordings on an ongoing basis. Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) Zoom meetings will occur to explore the subject matter, participate in practicums, etc. Meetings will occur Tuesday evenings at 8PM ET, or as determined by the availability of participants.


An Overview of the Mechanics of the Intuition and a Program for its Development and Use

  1. The Appearance of the Intuitive Faculties

  2. The Inner and Outer Organs of Perception

  3. The Simultaneous Functioning of the Inner and Outer Organs of Perception

  4. The Chakras and the Channels of the Intuition

  5. Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience

  6. The Lesser-Known Clairs: Clairgustance, Clairalliance, and Clairtoucher 

  7. The Central Channel and its Role in Psychic Cognition

  8. The Central Channel as a Separate Organ of Cognition

  9. The Spontaneous Functioning of the Intuition

  10. Intermittent Intuitive Faculties

  11. The Natural and Forced Development of the Intuition

  12. The Environment and Unconscious Intuitive Development

  13. Occupations and Intuitive Development

  14. Meditation and the Development of the Crown Chakra

  15. Meditation and the Development of the Third Eye Chakra

  16. Understanding One’s Own Intuitive Development

  17. The Dominant Intuitive Faculty

  18. Problems of the Intuition

  19. Mental-Emotional Blocks to the Development and Use of the Intuition

  20. The Channels of the Intuition and Hallucination

  21. The Mechanics of Mediumship and Channeling

  22. Constructive Interference and the Amplification of the Psychic Faculties

  23. The Receptive and Directed Intuitive Faculties

  24. Using the Individual Channels of the Intuition

  25. Self-Assessment Using the Available Channels of the Intuition

  26. Client-Assessment Using the Available Channels of the Intuition

  27. A Program for the Development of the Organs of Perception

  28. Advanced Forms of Meditation Practice to Further Develop the Intuition

  29. Intuitive Development Practicum

       a. Receptive & Directed Intuitive Faculties Practicum

       b. Claircognizance Practicum

       c. Clairsentience Practicum

       d. Clairvoyance Practicum

       e. Clairaudience Practicum


Setting Up an Intuitive-Based Business

  1. The Intuitive as Therapist

  2. The Intuitive as a “Container” for the Client’s Emotional Fluctuations

  3. The Therapeutic Use of the Intuition & Psychoanalysis

  4. Self-Education in Psychoanalysis

  5. Remaining Unbiased while Navigating a Client’s “Story”

  6. How to Offer Information to the Client

  7. How to Handle a Triggered Client

  8. Establishing Client Boundaries

  9. Terminating a Client Relationship

  10. Determining Fees


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Nine-Month Program 

All aspects of the Intuitive Development Mentorship are included in the Intuitive Development Apprenticeship PLUS 4 hours of monthly client one-on-ones with Cristo and 2 hours of supervision. In the Intuitive Development Apprenticeship, apprentices will provide up to 4 clients per month for hour-long, joint, one-on-one sessions with Cristo.* Supervision will consist of regular, 1-hour meetings to discuss casework and other professional issues that arise through contact with clients.


* The apprentice will determine and keep all fees charged to the client during the apprenticeship program. Depending on the fee assessed the client by the apprentice, the apprentice will be able to recover up to $10,000 in client fees over 9 months.

Early bird discount available. See registration page for details.

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20 Weeks

* The Advanced Intuitive Development Practicum Series is open only to those who have completed the Intuitive Development Mentorship or Apprenticeship. Weekly practicum content is as follows:

  1. The Capacity of Receptivity, Developing Receptivity, and Directing Receptivity

  2. Tracking the Emotions

  3. Identifying Solidified Emotional States

  4. Accessing Beliefs

  5. Accessing Complexes

  6. Identifying PTSD

  7. Investigating Vortices

  8. Assessing Chakra Development and Function

  9. Accessing the Archetypes in the Human Energy Field

  10. Accessing the Archetypes in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Chakras

  11. Accessing the Left Eye, Right Eye Complex

  12. Accessing the Etheric Body

  13. Accessing the Emotional Body

  14. Accessing the Mental Body

  15. Accessing the Ideational Body

  16. Accessing Beliefs in the Central Channel

  17. Identifying an Individual’s Psycho-Emotional Imprint

  18. Cross-Referencing and Verifying Data in the Human Energy Field (Fact Checking)

  19. Accessing the Primary Chakra

  20. Identifying Rays