Esoteric Psychology | $250 Hour


During this special session, Cristo will use his highly developed intuitive abilities to bring limiting and negative beliefs hidden in the unconscious to your awareness.  Limiting and negative beliefs are responsible for most personal difficulties, such as negative relationship patterns, the failure of business ventures, financial devastation, depression, anxiety, panic, self-isolation, and so on.  Awareness of the underlying beliefs, belief systems, and complexes almost always results in profound, spontaneous transformation.  The French dramatist Maurice Maeterlinck wrote, “It is far more important that one's life should be perceived than it be transformed; for no sooner has it been perceived than it transforms itself of its own accord.”  Several clients who have experienced a 1-hour Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that 1 hour with Cristo was more productive than years of traditional therapy.  Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.  



Private Advanced Healing Session | $150 (30 Minutes)


During a private healing session with Cristo, he will use clairvoyance to see the areas of your auric field that need to be restored to health. Cristo will then focus healing force in those precise locations to restore your health.*  At the close of the healing session, Cristo will clear and balance your mental, emotional, and etheric bodies.  Cristo will record your healing session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.  He will also record all relevant information via diagrams and/or charts of your auric field which will be securely uploaded to Dropbox and made available to you on-line.  For a more in-depth description of Cristo's Advanced Healing Session, click here.


* Cristo’s auric field can also be used as a vehicle through which Devas and other spiritually advanced beings work to restore your health. During such healing sessions, Cristo simply holds the space and allows the advanced beings to work through his auric field for your benefit.



In-Depth Chakra Analysis | $400 Hour 

Knowledge of the degree of development and the degree of functionality of one's chakras is essential to understanding the largely unconscious, complex relational patterns that become established as one's environment. By being able to clairvoyantly see which chakras are active, Cristo can help clients understand and overcome the conflicts that are inherent in chakra development, and the struggles that the personality faces caught in the web of those energies. Cristo can see, as well, the structure and the vortical motion of the chakras. This information can help clients understand their relationship to the energies the chakras represent. Cristo can also see the beliefs that underpin these structural changes which compromise the functionality of the chakras. Knowledge of the condition of one’s chakras is the basis for healed relationships, successful businesses, the ability to speak one's mind, and more.  Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.



Advanced Auric and Archetypal Information | $400 Hour 


During this session, Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to provide you with an advanced auric reading that reveals your specific archetypal content. You can choose to explore the 32 archetypes located in your Eighth and Ninth Chakras, as well as other key features of your auric field. Some of these key features include (1) your primary archetype, (2) the archetype of your Ego or Individuality, (3) the archetype of your Monad, (4) archetypal pathways, and (5) other key features that reveal the inborn content of your Soul. This type of reading has profoundly changed many lives. It continues to bring those who choose this session greater self-acceptance, as well as greater self-confidence based upon a deeper understanding of one’s inner nature. Cristo will examine and reveal as much information as possible in the course of an hour for one of the three options below:

A. All 20 archetypes in the 9th Chakra, OR

B. All 12 archetypes in the 8th Chakra PLUS the 6 archetypes in the Primary Chakra under the feet, OR

C. A selection of major archetypal forces that pertain to the expression of the Soul, such as the Monadic Archetype, Logoic Archetype, Devotional Heart Chakra, Chakra 6.5, the Major Life Expression or Role throughout your past lives, AND 4 or 5 major archetypal pathways.



Dominant Intuitional Faculty and Limiting Beliefs | $500


Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to examine your auric field to determine your Dominant Intuitional Faculty.  This session will include a description of the degree of development and functionality of your Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Ear Chakras.  Each of these chakras is associated with a specific intuitional ability.  The degree of development of each chakra is related to its functionality.  The highest functioning center is referred to as your Dominant Intuitional Faculty.  Awareness of your Dominant Intuitional Faculty, as well as any inhibiting beliefs, will assist you in the process of bringing your Dominant Intuitional Faculty under conscious control.  While bringing the Dominant Intuitive Faculty under conscious control, the other intuitional faculties are simultaneously developed and brought under conscious control also.  This process ultimately results in the conscious direction of the intuitive faculties.  For those who desire to bring the tremendous powers of the intuition under conscious control, this session is for you.  Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.



Spiritual Name | $300 | Two 30-Minute Sessions*


A true spiritual name is unparalleled in its power to accelerate your spiritual growth.  It is second only to working directly with an enlightened being.  The reality is that it takes lifetimes of dedicated spiritual practice to achieve the spiritual growth that most people aspire to in this lifetime.  An equivalent amount of growth can be rendered in a few months through the transformative power of a true spiritual name.  Cristo has the ability to provide you with such a spiritual gift.  Your spiritual name is derived through contact with your Ego or Individuality, what most refer to as their Higher Self or Soul.  Each spiritual name falls into one of three categories: descriptive, corrective, identificative.  Cristo has written an article to help you understand the value of each category (article link:  The Significance of a Spiritual Name).  The spiritual name that Cristo provides you has the potential to be descriptive, corrective, or identificative.  The type of spiritual name that you will receive is dependent upon one thing only, and that is the special message of spiritual transformation that is waiting to be delivered to you by your Soul.  Cristo will record the two sessions.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours of each session that you can then download for free.


*The Spiritual Name session consists of two 30-minute sessions.  During the first 30-minute session, Cristo will give you your spiritual name and answer any questions you may have.  The second 30-minute session will occur at least 7 days later to allow time for you to integrate your spiritual name. This session will consist of a discussion about how the integration of your spiritual name has affected you and answer any questions you may have.



Monthly Retainer, Up to 12 Hours | $3,000


For individuals who want to work with Cristo to resolve long-standing issues of a personal or business nature that have not been resolved through traditional means, you may retain Cristo on an ongoing, monthly basis.  Clients who retain Cristo on a monthly basis will meet with Cristo within 3-5 days of the date that he is retained and will have ongoing access to Cristo during a rolling 30-day period via scheduled sessions and/or emergency calls.


You may prepare for your individual session by reviewing the client information sheet.  

Please contact Diane at (734) 878-3198 or to submit your payment and schedule your session(s),

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Sessions are conducted by phone (Skype for international calls).

All payments made to Cristo L. Bowers, his companies, or to agents acting on his behalf are non-refundable or refundable at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers. In certain cases, at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers, unused portions of time may be transferable. The amount of time that is transferable is determined by Cristo L. Bowers. By purchasing an individual session with Cristo L. Bowers, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.