"Cristo is truly gifted like no one I have ever heard of, except great intuitive healers like Caroline Myss and Edgar Cayce.” —A.J.


Due to the advanced development of his clairvoyant and intuitive abilities, Cristo has been referred to as the teacher’s teacher and the healer’s healer. Cristo’s work has been compared to the work of Edgar Cayce, Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan, and Byron Katie. Cristo’s advanced studies in psychology and spirituality, and his ability to directly examine the human energy field make him an agent of radical transformation for those who seek his profound insights and counsel.

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Esoteric Psychology | $150 Hour

"With Cristo's incredible gifts, even the most painful, lifelong scars can be healed." —C.L.


Many people who choose the Esoteric Psychology session describe themselves as “stuck” or they realize that they need help overcoming lifelong patterns which seem inescapable. During an Esoteric Psychology session, Cristo uses his ability to examine the energy field of his clients to help him or her understand and overcome unconscious and limiting beliefs, and ingrained patterns that stand in the way of their success and personal happiness. Many people who have experienced an Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that a one-hour Esoteric Psychology session was more valuable than years of traditional therapy. 



Advanced Auric and Archetypal Information | $500   CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AND PURCHASE

During this session, Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to provide you with an advanced auric reading that reveals your specific archetypal content. You can choose to explore the 32 archetypes located in your Eighth and Ninth Chakras, as well as other key features of your auric field. Some of these key features include (1) your primary archetype, (2) the archetype of your Ego or Individuality, (3) the archetype of your Monad, (4) archetypal pathways, and (5) other key features that reveal the inborn content of your Soul. This type of reading has profoundly changed many lives. It continues to bring those who choose this session greater self-acceptance, as well as greater self-confidence based upon a deeper understanding of one’s inner nature. Cristo will examine and reveal as much information as possible in the course of an hour for one of the three options below:

A. All 20 archetypes in the 9th Chakra, OR

B. All 12 archetypes in the 8th Chakra PLUS the 6 archetypes in the Primary Chakra under the feet, OR

C. A selection of major archetypal forces that pertain to the expression of the Soul, such as the Monadic Archetype, Logoic Archetype, Devotional Heart Chakra, Chakra 6.5, the Major Life Expression or Role throughout your past lives, AND 4 or 5 major archetypal pathways.

Dominant Intuitional Faculty and Limiting Beliefs  | $300 


Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to examine your auric field to determine your Dominant Intuitional Faculty. He will go on to define the mental and emotional blocks that limit its function and use. This session will include a description of the degree of development and functionality of your Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Ear Chakras. Each of these chakras is associated with a specific intuitional ability. The degree of development of each chakra is related to its functionality. The highest functioning center is referred to as your Dominant Intuitional Faculty. Awareness of your Dominant Intuitional Faculty, as well as any inhibiting beliefs, will assist you in the process of bringing your Dominant Intuitional Faculty under conscious control. While bringing the Dominant Intuitive Faculty under conscious control, the other intuitional faculties are simultaneously developed and brought under conscious control. This process ultimately results in the conscious direction of the intuitive faculties. For those who desire to bring the tremendous powers of the intuition under conscious control, this session is for you.



Spiritual Name | $500 | Two 30-Minute Sessions*  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AND PURCHASE

"The importance and significance of my spiritual name session with Cristo has been possibly the single most important event for my transformation." —M.B.

A true spiritual name is unparalleled in its power to accelerate your spiritual growth. The reality is that it takes lifetimes of dedicated spiritual practice to achieve the spiritual growth that most people aspire to in a lifetime. An equivalent amount of growth can be rendered in a few months through the transformative power of a true spiritual name. Cristo has the ability to provide you with such a spiritual gift. Your spiritual name is derived through contact with your Ego or Individuality, what most refer to as their Higher Self or Soul. Each spiritual name falls into one of three categories: descriptive, corrective, identificative. A spiritual name accelerates your spiritual development by forcing you to confront and integrate the obstacles inherent in the fabric of the personality that make it (the personality) unusable to the Higher Self. The spiritual name that Cristo provides you will propel you forward on your spiritual journey. For the full explanation of the Spiritual Name, see Cristo's article The Significance of a Spiritual Name.

*The Spiritual Name session consists of two 30-minute sessions.  During the first 30-minute session, Cristo will give you your spiritual name and answer any questions you may have.  The second 30-minute session will occur at least 7 days later to allow time for you to integrate your spiritual name (it must be scheduled within 30 days). This session will consist of a discussion about how the integration of your spiritual name has affected you and answer any questions you may have.

In-Depth Chakra Analysis | $300 Hour 


During an In-Depth Chakra Analysis, Cristo will communicate to you, through pictures and diagrams, the structure and function of each of your major chakras and their rear aspects. To see these pictures and diagrams is to immediately see your personal and spiritual development. In many ways, the pictures and diagrams that Cristo generates are a road map of your evolutionary journey. The chakras and their individual development represent the strengths and weaknesses of the personality, as well as its struggles. Cristo can also see the beliefs that result in and underpin significant structural changes and which compromise the functionality of the chakras. Knowledge of the condition of one’s chakras provides a person with a rare opportunity for healing.



Each session below is $50 each and lasts approximately 7–10 minutes.
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Dominant Block to the Development of the Self

The goal of human existence is the development of the Self. Due to the trauma inherent in human existence and the unconscious defenses that are developed to avoid traumatization, the development of the Self stops. In this session, Cristo will reveal the dominant block to the development of the Self. Knowing one’s dominant block to the development of the Self often results in the spontaneous integration of the defense. Without the defense in place, the development of the Self resumes and leads to increased happiness through increased integration in life.

Core Belief

Each person has a belief that generally spans the length of the Central Channel. Cristo refers to this belief as the Core Belief. The Core Belief represents one's fundamental psychological and emotional relationship to the world. The Core Belief generally develops during the experiences of childhood and then recedes into the unconscious to become the major psychological paradigm of one's relationship to the world in adulthood. Raising the Core Belief into consciousness facilitates its healing.

Logoic Archetype
The essential nature of all living beings is Light. Each being is essentially a Ray of Light projected from the Logos, i.e., God, which undergoes embodiment and evolution. Cristo has the ability to examine the Ray of Light that exists at the center of each human being to apprehend its essential quality or nature, what Cristo terms the Logoic Archetype. Knowing one’s Logoic Archetype reveals one's essential identity that exists through all phases of growth and development. The Logoic Archetype may be thought of as the absolute identity of the Soul.

Investment of Power

Each person is, in the words of Caroline Myss, “hemorrhaging” energy. In various lectures, Cristo has heard Caroline speak on her ability to perceive the places or events wherein a person loses significant life force. Cristo has spent time investigating and perfecting his ability to perceive the aspect of a person's life wherein he or she has made his or her greatest negative energetic investment of power. This information is important, as it indicates the situation in which a person “hemorrhages” energy. Knowing your greatest energetic investment can help you resolve the significant loss of energy associated with it so you can use the energy for other creative purposes.

Gift from the Higher Self

During Cristo’s public and private meditations with clients, the Higher Selves, or Augoeides, of clients have spontaneously appeared and delivered special messages of healing and transformation. During this special session, Cristo will invoke your Higher Self to give you a gift of healing and transformation. The messages assume the form of a glowing orb that is delivered from the hand of your Higher Self into your auric field. These messages are unique to each person and carry with them significant healing potential in the form of advanced energy work. Cristo will reveal the special content of the orb, as well as reveal the objective of the energy work performed on your auric field by your Higher Self.

Idée Fixe

Idée Fixe is the dominant idea that the bulk of one’s energetic circuitry is plugged into on a fixed and determined basis. It is the one idea that dominates the personality that one longs to fully realize. This idea sits on the threshold of consciousness and can be construed to be “possession by idea.” Recognition of the idea and the energetic circuitry involved in its realization often results in profound healing and the redirection of one’s life force to other creative endeavors. 

Left Eye/Right Eye Complex

The Left-Eye/Right-Eye Complex encapsulates the individual conflict inherent in the personality's struggle to overcome its limitations to achieve its ideal expression—what Cristo terms its Divinity. An image located in the Left Eye Chakra reveals one’s image of oneself as Divine, while an image in the Right Eye Chakra reveals one’s image of oneself as human and fallible. Together, the two images represent the pain of the personality as it strives to resolve this conflict to assume its true identity.

Current Greatest Energetic Investment 

The Current Greatest Energetic Investment reveals the dominant, temporary energetic investment of the personality. The relationship between the Current Greatest Energetic Investment and the Idée Fixe is between a fixed idea and a temporary one that demands one’s attention. For instance, imagine that as you step out of your home to go to a concert, you see that your tire is flat. Getting to the concert represents the Idée Fixe, whereas the flat tire represents the Current Greatest Energetic Investment. Knowing the Current Greatest Energetic Investment aids in the recognition of where one is investing one’s life force in largely unconscious and unhealthy endeavors.

Most Influential Past Life (whose karma is still working out)

In the Tenth Chakra is a record of one’s past lives. Cristo can examine the records and see which past life is most influential in terms of organizing the experiences dealt with in the current life. Knowing one’s Most Influential Past Life aids in the recognition of one’s karma and facilitates the release from one’s karma as a conscious choice.

Trend of Past Life Roles

In the Tenth Chakra is a record of one’s past lives. Cristo can examine the records and see the general trend of past lives to determine the role that you repeatedly play once you incarnate. Knowing your Trend of Past Life Roles informs you of the true Office of Your Spirit and can help you settle into that sacred role.

Two Inborn Ideas

Cristo can examine the auric field of your infant body and see the ideas that you were born with. Inborn Ideas can be wide ranging, from wanting to travel to distant places to wanting a vast estate. Knowing your Inborn Ideas can help you understand and heal the latent drives and ambitions of your personality.

Two Egoic Colors

Cristo can examine the auric field and see the various colors comprised within. Each color represents a unique idea or impulse. Knowing the colors and the unique idea or impulse that it represents sheds light on the innate motivations of the personality. Knowing your Egoic Colors helps you to know yourself.

Dominant Mood

In childhood we undergo virtually ceaseless emotional conditioning via contact with the emotional bodies of our caregivers. Since the emotional bodies of our caregivers are normally fixed in unhealthy emotional states themselves, a child encounters the same unhealthy emotional states over and over again, which induce the same emotional states in the child. The same, repeated emotional states induced in the child results in the Dominant Mood of the child as an adult. Knowing your Dominant Mood can help you identify and heal the emotional entrainment experienced in childhood so that you can enjoy emotional freedom.

How People See You

Every interaction with another person results in an image or opinion that is formed of you. Cristo can examine the composite image that is formed of you through your myriad contacts with others. How People See You is like seeing oneself through the eyes of everyone who has ever met you. Knowing How People See You reveals unconscious emotional states and relational patterns as well as unconscious, ingrained behaviors. The healing potential of knowing How People See You is truly significant.

Iowaska Initiation

Cristo does not advocate the use of drugs in the pursuit of “enlightenment.” Cristo has found, however, that the energy-being or Deva who works through the psychogenic compounds of Iowaska can be independently invoked to provide her insight and wisdom through a “vision” without subjecting the physical body and the psyche to the risks of Iowaska tea. In this individual ceremony, Cristo will invoke the Deva associated with Iowaska to provide you with a vision that ultimately reveals complex psychic entanglements or shadow aspects of self. Cristo has performed this energetic ceremony  with others where it has proven to be a catalyst of profound change and transformation.

Anima & Animus

Anima is a term that Cristo uses to designate the type of female that a male is unconsciously attracted to. The term Animus is used to identify the specific type of man that a woman is unconsciously attracted to. Knowing one’s Anima (as a man) or Animus (as a woman) reveals the type of person one is unconsciously attracted to, even if you consciously desire a different type of partner. Knowing one’s Anima or Animus can reveal and heal the source of the generally unconscious and unhealthy attraction so that you can choose your mate consciously. If you are in a same-sex partnership, please inform us of that by email at when you place your online order so that Cristo can provide you with the corresponding information that is appropriate for you.

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