I wish you all health, wisdom, and prosperity, as symbolized by the Eye of Ra, and that each of us and the planet continues to heal. I am excited to inform you that I am re-launching my website in November. At that time, I will be offering comprehensive mentorship and apprenticeship programs for those who are seriously interested in harnessing the incredible powers of the intuition. 


At that time, as well, my session fees will increase across the board, and I will no longer offer promotional pricing. I hope to send out a letter detailing these changes in the near future. 


In the meanwhile, I am going to encourage you to take advantage of this final promo. I intend to restructure my session offerings soon, at which point I intend to eliminate the Advanced Auric & Archetypal Information as a session option. This is likely your last opportunity to purchase it.

Final Promotions
Sessions do not expire until used.
Monthly Webinar Series | 4 Webinars + 30-Day Access to Cristo's Library | Package of Three $90  

Each month Cristo offers a series of healing and educational webinars. You may ​purchase ​a package of three ​in ​advance at the discounted rate​. ​Purchase here!


*​​As each new monthly series is offered, you can choose to apply one of your three registrations with a pre-registration code.


Esoteric Psychology | $100 Hour  

Many people who choose the Esoteric Psychology session describe themselves as “stuck” or they realize that they need help overcoming lifelong patterns which seem inescapable. During an Esoteric Psychology session, Cristo uses his ability to examine the energy field of his clients to help him or her understand and overcome unconscious and limiting beliefs, and ingrained patterns that stand in the way of their success and personal happiness. Many people who have experienced an Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that a one-hour Esoteric Psychology session was more valuable than years of traditional therapy. 

Advanced Auric and Archetypal Information | $200   

During this session, Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to provide you with an advanced auric reading that reveals your specific archetypal content. You can choose to explore the 32 archetypes located in your Eighth and Ninth Chakras, as well as other key features of your auric field. Some of these key features include (1) your primary archetype, (2) the archetype of your Ego or Individuality, (3) the archetype of your Monad, (4) archetypal pathways, and (5) other key features that reveal the inborn content of your Soul. This type of reading has profoundly changed many lives. It continues to bring those who choose this session greater self-acceptance, as well as greater self-confidence based upon a deeper understanding of one’s inner nature. Cristo will examine and reveal as much information as possible in the course of an hour for one of the three options below:

A. All 20 archetypes in the 9th Chakra, OR

B. All 12 archetypes in the 8th Chakra PLUS the 6 archetypes in the Primary Chakra under the feet, OR

C. A selection of major archetypal forces that pertain to the expression of the soul, such as the Monadic Archetype, Logoic Archetype, Devotional Heart Chakra, Chakra 6.5, the Major Life Expression or Role throughout your past lives, AND 4 or 5 major archetypal pathways.

Dominant Intuitional Faculty and Limiting Beliefs | $200  


Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to examine your auric field to determine your Dominant Intuitional Faculty. He will go on to define the mental and emotional blocks that limit its function and use. This session will include a description of the degree of development and functionality of your Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Ear Chakras. Each of these chakras is associated with a specific intuitional ability. The degree of development of each chakra is related to its functionality. The highest functioning center is referred to as your Dominant Intuitional Faculty. Awareness of your Dominant Intuitional Faculty, as well as any inhibiting beliefs, will assist you in the process of bringing your Dominant Intuitional Faculty under conscious control. While bringing the Dominant Intuitive Faculty under conscious control, the other intuitional faculties are simultaneously developed and brought under conscious control. This process ultimately results in the conscious direction of the intuitive faculties. For those who desire to bring the tremendous powers of the intuition under conscious control, this session is for you.



In-Depth Chakra Analysis | $200 Hour  


During an In-Depth Chakra Analysis, Cristo will communicate to you, through pictures and diagrams, the structure and function of each of your major chakras and their rear aspects. To see these pictures and diagrams is to immediately see your personal and spiritual development. In many ways, the pictures and diagrams that Cristo generates are a road map of your evolutionary journey. The chakras and their individual development represent the strengths and weaknesses of the personality, as well as its struggles. Cristo can also see the beliefs that result in and underpin significant structural changes and which compromise the functionality of the chakras. Knowledge of the condition of one’s chakras provides a person with a rare opportunity for healing.

If you have difficulty registering for any of the above selections, please contact Diane Wilson at diane@cristobowers.com or (734) 878-3198.

Sessions are conducted by phone (Skype for international calls). Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.

Due to Cristo's unique ability to help those who come to him, he is often scheduled months in advance. Also, to keep his personal and professional life in balance, he does not schedule personal sessions in the evenings or on the weekends.

You may prepare for your individual session by reviewing the client information sheet.  

All payments made to Cristo L. Bowers, his companies, or to agents acting on his behalf are non-refundable or refundable at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers. In certain cases, at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers, unused portions of time may be transferable. The amount of time that is transferable is determined by Cristo L. Bowers. By purchasing an individual session with Cristo L. Bowers, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.