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One (1) Healing Crystal $20 USD

Two (2) Healing Crystals $30 USD

Ten (10) Healing Crystals $100 USD


Cristo assesses your energy field to determine the unique vibration that is most beneficial for you at this time. You receive custom-charged crystals and you are informed of the unique name or description of the vibration with which they have been charged.

Five (5) Custom-Charged Crystals $65 USD

Ten (10) Custom-Charged Crystals $115 USD

Twenty (20) Custom-Charged Crystals $165 USD

Thirty (30) Custom-Charged Crystals $210 USD

Fifty (50) Custom-Charged Crystals $290 USD

One Hundred (100) Custom-Charged Crystals $380 USD


Healing Crystals  Δ  Healing Lives


Cristo Bowers is one of three individuals on Earth who can channel pure Monadic energy for the purposes of energy medicine and vibrational healing. Cristo infuses Monadic energy into ordinary quartz crystals to create extraordinary tools of personal and spiritual transformation.


"I had the opportunity to witness Cristo charging the Healing Crystals. I watched as he placed his hands over the crystals in a ceremonial manner and closed his eyes. I watched as a blue light (the color of a clear blue sky) began to flow through the palms of his hands into the crystals. I watched in awe for several moments this Divine transference of energy until he opened his eyes.”  —Amanda Jordan, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner



Once in contact with the client’s auric field, the Monadic energy infused in the crystals actively and intelligently seeks out and begins to heal those aspects of the client’s auric field that are dysfunctional to bring about profound healing states. This special healing targets negative beliefs and belief systems termed complexes, and often results in their total collapse.


“After the lecture, we were told to place our hands on a bowl of crystals while Cristo transmitted Monadic Energy. I was skeptical, almost dismissive, until I felt what seemed like 30 viscous bubbles popping all over my energy field.” —Lorri Coburn, MSW



Cristo infuses crystals with the energetic template of the front and rear aspects of each individual chakra to restore each chakra to its original state of functioning. These healing crystals contain the energetic template of one aspect of the 8 major chakras, totaling 16 unique templates for the total transformation of the energy body.


“It has now been three weeks since the chakra balancing work has been done and I can attest that I feel all 16 chakras operating beautifully. I also feel a greater connection to the divine.” —Catherine Y., Chakra Healing and Renewal Student


“I used three healing crystals, the root, sacral, and navel. When I got up, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my true beauty.” —Judy S.



Cristo created this line of crystals (each bearing a unique, transformative vibration) that act as powerful, spiritual objects that continue to emit their specific healing vibration for hundreds of years.


Stepping Into Abundance:  The vibration of abundance held within this crystal enables one to effortlessly align with the greater opportunities of one’s evolutionary potential by potentiating one’s path of abundance through vibrational alignment. While using this crystal, the “pathways of greatest potential” are broadened or energetically emphasized to a greater degree than all other possibilities, such that we effortlessly manifest the most abundant version of our life that is possible.


Centering/Absolute Identity: This crystal vibration attunes one to the unique note of Divine Light that is the Monad or Soul. It centers one’s energy in the Central Channel or Sushumna, away from the dense, negative beliefs located in the periphery of the auric field. Many people who have used this crystal experience a sense of being complete, whole, and centered; others experience a deep and abiding awareness of being.


Home Grace: This vibration ameliorates one's emotional experience of negative and/or traumatic situations and events to facilitate healing.


Higher Self: This vibration connects one to the Tenth chakra, the individualized expression of the Ultimate Self that arises as the Monad projects its awareness through the Akasha to manifest as the forms, patterns, experience, and knowledge of phenomenal reality. By doing so, it serves to stimulate one’s memory of past-life experiences and helps to bring through the latent powers, capabilities, and knowledge that developed through those experiences.


Deepening Intuition: This vibration greatly enhances and supports one’s capacity to receive information intuitively (for instance, through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairkinesence, and claircognizance), especially via one’s dominant intuitive sense. Deepening Intuition also simultaneously stimulates all other intuitive faculties, thereby expanding psychic awareness.


Opening Divine Awareness: This vibration opens the Crown Center more fully, such that the Crown Center becomes one’s dominant center of consciousness. It also enables one to connect with the higher spiritual dimensions of one’s being.


Twin Flame/Soul Mate: This healing crystal potentiates the manifestation of the life pathways which have the greatest potential for bringing one into mutually enhancing and loving relationship with one’s Twin Flame or Soul Mate. This crystal can be significantly enhanced by using it in conjunction with the Stepping Into Abundance crystal.


Dissolving Negative Beliefs: This healing crystal vibration dissolves and disintegrates negative beliefs as well as their cohesive, energetic structure by 40-50%.


Discriminating Congruence: This crystal enables the correct perception of the choices, opportunities, and relationships that are congruent with one’s highest potential.


Energy/Vitality: The vibration emanating from this crystal reconnects the channels of energy psychically severed in childhood (to fit into the social mold of acceptable childhood behavior), such that it restores the natural flow of energy along its intended circuits, thereby restoring childhood vitality.


Divine Dynamic Ideal: The vibration of this crystal brings the Divine, Dynamic Ideal that is being expressed as you into the foreground of your consciousness, actualizing it, so you may more fully connect with, realize, and express your Divine, Dynamic you.


Raising Emotions to the Level of Love: This crystal vibration raises emotions and the perceptions from which they arise to the level of Love, so that the activity of the Solar Plexus can begin to be perceived, felt, and interpreted through the Heart Chakra.


Christ Consciousness: This continuous vibration crystal fills one with the pure vibration of Christ Consciousness.


Citrine: Cristo has enhanced the natural vibration of these Citrine crystals so that they are 10-15 times more powerful and effective than normal Citrine quartz. The vibration of Citrine activates the energetic connection between the Eighth chakra and Navel Chakra, so that the archetypal patterns (our unique gifts) which reside in the Eighth chakra, and our sense of self, which resides in the Navel Chakra, can powerfully unite. This enables us to more fully express our Divine Gifts and our Divine Self in this life.



Monadic Essence: A one-time use crystal. Each Monadic crystal used seeks out and facilitates the collapse of one Negative Belief.


Chakra Healing Crystals: One-time use crystals to reconfigure chakras to Divine Template. One stone at a minimum is required for each chakra: front aspect of the Sacral Center/rear aspect of the Sacral Center/front aspect of the Navel Chakra/rear aspect of the Navel Chakra/front aspect of the Solar Plexus/rear aspect of the Solar Plexus/front aspect of the Heart Center/rear aspect of the Heart Center/front aspect of the Throat Center/rear aspect of the Throat Center/front aspect of the Third Eye/rear aspect of the Third Eye/Root & Crown.

Cristo will provide you with 1-inch rounded quartz crystals.  These are not jewelry or decorative pieces.  They are simply containers that hold energetic vibration.  The stated size and shape holds a lot of energy and is most efficient for people to use and carry.  If he cannot obtain the rounded crystals, he reserves the right to provide pointed crystals.  He will provide whichever he has in stock at the moment.