A Susan Duval Seminars Event

36 N. Church Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 

To purchase and schedule an in-person individual session with Cristo in Doylestown, PA, on March 16, 2015, please go to the Susan Duval Seminars Events page:


MONDAY,  MARCH 16, 2015


An individual session is an opportunity to have Cristo engage your energy field and answer questions of interest.  During this session, Cristo will take detailed notes which will be made available to you at no additional cost.  The session will be recorded and will be sent to you for FREE via Dropbox.  

"I believe that Cristo’s ability to see all the things that he can perceive in the energy field is on the leading edge of the next phase of human development." —L.E. 

During this special session, Cristo will use his highly developed intuitive abilities to bring limiting and negative beliefs hidden in the unconscious to your awareness.  Limiting and negative beliefs are responsible for most personal difficulties, such as negative relationship patterns, the failure of business ventures, financial devastation, depression, anxiety, panic, self-isolation, and so on.  Awareness of the underlying beliefs, belief systems, and complexes almost always results in profound, spontaneous transformation.  The French dramatist Maurice Maeterlinck wrote, “It is far more important that one's life should be perceived than it be transformed; for no sooner has it been perceived than it transforms itself of its own accord.”  Several clients who have experienced a 1-hour Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that 1 hour with Cristo was more productive than years of traditional therapy.


During this session, Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to provide you with an advanced auric reading that reveals your specific archetypal content.  You can choose to explore the 32 archetypes located in your Eighth and Ninth Chakras, as well as other key features of your auric field.  Some of these key features include (1) your primary archetype, (2) the archetype of your Ego or Individuality, (3) the archetype of your Monad, (4) archetypal pathways, (5) as well as other key features that reveal the inborn content of your Soul.  This type of reading has profoundly changed many lives. It continues to bring those who choose this session greater self-acceptance, as well as greater self-confidence based upon a deeper understanding of one’s inner nature.


Cristo will use his highly developed clairvoyance to examine your auric field to determine your Dominant Intuitional Faculty.  This session will include a description of the degree of development and functionality of your Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Ear Chakras.  Each of these chakras is associated with a specific intuitional ability.  The degree of development of each chakra is related to its functionality.  The highest functioning center is referred to as your Dominant Intuitional Faculty.  Awareness of your Dominant Intuitional Faculty, as well as any inhibiting beliefs, will assist you in the process of bringing your Dominant Intuitional Faculty under conscious control.  While bringing the Dominant Intuitive Faculty under conscious control, the other intuitional faculties are simultaneously developed and brought under conscious control also.  This process ultimately results in the conscious direction of the intuitive faculties.  For those who desire to bring the tremendous powers of the intuition under conscious control, this session is for you.


SPIRITUAL NAME | $500 for 1 Hour
A true spiritual name is unparalleled in its power to accelerate your spiritual growth.  It is second only to working directly with an enlightened being. The reality is that it takes lifetimes of dedicated spiritual practice to achieve the spiritual growth that most people aspire to in this lifetime.  An equivalent amount of growth can be rendered in a few months through the transformative power of a true spiritual name.  Cristo has the ability to provide you with such a spiritual gift.  Your spiritual name is derived through contact with your Ego or Individuality, what most refer to as their Higher Self or Soul. Each spiritual name falls into one of three categories: descriptive, corrective, identificative. Cristo has written an article to help you understand the value of each category (article link:  The Significance of a Spiritual Name).  The spiritual name that Cristo provides you has the potential to be descriptive, corrective, or identificative.  The type of spiritual name that you will receive is dependent upon one thing only, and that is the special message of spiritual transformation that is waiting to be delivered to you by your Soul.