A Susan Duval Seminars Event

Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA 18901

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SUNDAY,  MAY 10, 2015


2:00 – 5:00 PM | Relationships: An Energetic Examination Workshop with Cristo L. Bowers  | $45

Cristo Bowers will begin this lecture with an in-depth examination of the 2nd and 3rd chakras and their relationship to pair bonding and the formation of family units. 

Cristo will address the specific dysfunction of each chakra and elaborate how the dysfunction of each chakra affects long-term relationships and can ultimately lead to the dissolution of the relationship or family unit.

Cristo will go on to talk about the energetic basis of relationship, such as the type of pairing that results in a more complete auric field, relationships that form as a result of complementary archetypal forces, and relationships that are formed to force open undeveloped, closed or blocked chakras. He will address the concept of bonds of mutuality and the ideal relationship, as it relates to the seven chakras. Cristo will go on to discuss some of the more esoteric, energetic aspects of relationship, such as projections, the formation of other-concepts, and the mediation-point of the relationship.

Finally, Cristo will examine the relationship that forms between Homo Sapien and Homo Divinicus when these different species pair bond. In this last piece, Cristo will reveal his theory of unresponsive relationship that he has termed The Marriage to Materiality.