EarthRise at IONS

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Session One | Friday, 7:00–10:00 PM | Archetypes

This lecture is an overview of Archetypes. Cristo will draw on texts, both ancient and modern, as well as his personal accounts of Archetypes, to elucidate this deeply esoteric subject. Despite the proliferation of material pertaining to Archetypes, Cristo will elaborate a new, firsthand perspective that details the functions of Archetypes throughout nature, with a special focus on the animal and human kingdoms. Cristo will provide detailed examples of human and animal Archetypes that will re-define the concept of Archetypes. This lecture is the foundation for all further talks in this series as well as a stand-alone lecture intended to bring clarity and insight to an often referred to but little understood subject.



Session Two | Saturday, 10:00 AM–12:15 PM | The Organization of Thought 

This lecture illuminates how Archetypes, as causative aspects of consciousness, organize the matter of the Mental Body and underlie the patterns of thought of the individual personality as well as the formation of identity. Cristo will focus on the archetypal aspects of consciousness and the processes by which these archetypal forms (located primarily in the higher centers of consciousness) organize the matter of the Mental Body into specific objects and object relationships, or patterns of thought. Cristo will detail the two methods by which the matter of the Mental Body is organized into the forms that are imaged there. The spiritual process of the organization of thought will be further explored by considering analogous, scientific processes.



Session Three | Saturday, 2:30–4:30 PM | The Solidification of the Emotional Body 

This lecture is an in-depth examination of the Emotional or Astral Body. Cristo will begin by first examining the Emotional Body as an aspect of the emotional plane and second by examining the Emotional Body as an independent organization. Cristo will illustrate the general appearance of the Emotional Body upon incarnating into the physical plane and the process by which the Emotional Body is conditioned to reproduce specific affect patterns, which ultimately become attributes of the individual Emotional Body. Throughout this lecture, Cristo will address other related topics, such as the Emotional Body of the Child, Fixed Emotional States as Objects, Internalization, the Suspension or Prolongation of Mood, and, ultimately, Fixed Moods. 



Session Four | Saturday, 7:00–9:00 PM | The Enculturation of Consciousness or The Falsification of the Ego

In this lecture, Cristo will explore the process of enculturation as it pertains to the objectification of the Mental and Emotional Bodies of the incarnating individuality. Cristo will lead participants on a journey from the pure, archetypal identity of the incarnating individuality to the socially constructed identity that arises as a consequence of enculturation. Cristo will explain how the transference of social and cultural objects into the receptive Mental and Emotional Bodies of the individual self results in the Falsification of the Ego. Cristo will use detailed diagrams to illustrate the Enculturation of Consciousness as well as provide detailed examples of the Falsification of the Ego.



Session Five | Sunday, 9:00 AM–12:15 PM | The Future of Humanity

In this final lecture, Cristo will ultimately lead attendees into the far distant future of a humanity liberated from materiality. Cristo will begin this lecture with an overview of the process of incarnation of the Monadic Kingdom into the field of materiality, through the objectification of the mental and emotional planes, and trace its final steps on its return to godhood. Cristo will then reveal the progress that humanity has made toward the final goal of liberation by considering multiple aspects of the human energy field that indicate humanity’s progress. These terms at once will both move attendees to compassion and illuminate the current condition of a humanity steeped in global conflict.