"With Cristo's incredible gifts, even the most painful, lifelong scars can be healed." —C.L.


(Purchase up to 20 hours!)


Take advantage of Cristo's Holiday Promotion in October and enjoy healing throughout the Holiday Season. Sessions will be scheduled in October, November, and December 2018 on a first come first served basis (and beyond for those who purchase a greater number of hours). Sessions may be purchased as gifts.


Please note: This promotion is for Esoteric Psychology sessions. Sessions don't expire. There a $3 service fee per session for online transactions. 



If you prefer to pay by check, please contact

Diane at or (734) 878-3198.


Session Information

Many people who choose the Esoteric Psychology session describe themselves as “stuck” or they realize that they need help overcoming lifelong patterns which seem inescapable. During an Esoteric Psychology session, Cristo uses his ability to examine the energy field of his clients to help him or her understand and overcome unconscious and limiting beliefs, and ingrained patterns that stand in the way of their success and personal happiness. Many people who have experienced an Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have stated that a one-hour Esoteric Psychology session was more valuable than years of traditional therapy.  Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox that you can then download for free. 

You may prepare for your individual session by reviewing the client information sheet.  

All payments made to Cristo L. Bowers, his companies, or to agents acting on his behalf are non-refundable or refundable at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers. In certain cases, at the sole discretion of Cristo L. Bowers, unused portions of time may be transferable. The amount of time that is transferable is determined by Cristo L. Bowers. By purchasing an individual session with Cristo L. Bowers, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.