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This day-long lecture and discussion is the most comprehensive overview of the chakras that Cristo has made available to the public to date. It is the culmination of over a decade of first-hand observations of the chakras and human energy field that will take participants beyond the work of Caroline Myss, Rosalyn Bruyere, Donna Eden, as well as Barbara Brennan.


In this day-long lecture and discussion, Cristo will provide a detailed overview of the chakras. Cristo will discuss the development of the chakras (from the Antakarana) and reveal the purpose of the chakras (in terms of the evolution of consciousness). He will then provide a detailed overview of the appearance as well as the energetic function of the front and rear aspects of each chakra from the vantage point of the personality and the soul. Finally, Cristo will discuss common distortions of the chakras that arise from the internalization of socio-cultural beliefs as well as through personal experience.


To help attendees develop a keen understanding of the chakras, Cristo will provide real-life examples of the appearance, function, and distortions of the chakras by illustrating the energy field of participant volunteers, when applicable. For a list of content covered is this lecture, please visit the registration page by clicking on the link below.


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