In this lavishly illustrated, groundbreaking original work, emerging New-Thought leader Cristo Bowers (whose research and teachings have been compared to the work of Caroline Myss and Barbara Brennan) examines the Menorah as a symbol of the human energy field. The Menorah: Symbol of the Human Energy Field is a book that not only brings closure to centuries of debate pertaining to the symbolism of the Menorah, but also provides new, extensive research into the development of the chakras. With 20 color plates, including photographic plates of Plasticine models of advanced stages of development of the chakras, The Menorah: Symbol of the Human Energy Field is the first book written to provide a clear, detailed, and believable—as well as illustrated—account of the process by which God assumes the multitudinous forms of Nature and undergoes evolution. The Menorah: Symbol of the Human Energy Field is, as well, a spiritual guide that not only encourages, but also lays the groundwork for humanity to redefine its relationship to its fellow human beings and to Nature. Included in this book is a detailed discussion and elucidation of the deeply esoteric term Fohat—the sole motive force underlying all phenomena. It is believed that the information revealed in The Menorah: Symbol of the Human Energy Field will ripple out and redefine the fields of metaphysics, theology, ethics, religion, psychology, physics, and biology for this and many future generations.

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David Winfree's new book, The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny, was written in collaboration with Cristo L. Bowers, whose many clairvoyant insights provide humanity with a wealth of new insight into the form, structure, and function of the human energy field. This book takes a giant step forward, revealing major new aspects of the human energy field and explaining what they mean with regard to humanity’s spiritual and energetic growth evolution.  This is the first time Cristo's extensive insights and teachings have been put into print.


David's goal in authoring the book was to (1) bring this information to humanity, (2) point out how it fills in major gaps in current spiritual and metaphysical knowledge, (3) show how human evolution takes place via the interplay of energy, consciousness, and form, and (4) show how one may use the information in the book to enhance one’s spiritual healing and transformation and raise one’s consciousness.


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"I could not put this book down! This is an extremely detailed and comprehensive exploration into the human energy field and has provided me with invaluable knowledge, insight, and has unexpectedly precipitated my own personal expansion. In my efforts to learn more about the chakra system, I was blessed and excited to have come across such an extensive examination. It has taken my understanding of the human energy field and humanity as a whole to an unprecedented level. Imagine the progress we could make as individuals and as a society if every parent, teacher, and student had the privilege and joy of reading the words on these pages. Thank you for bringing this book into existence."  —E. Jurik, Melbourne, Australia, January 2016

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There have been many interviews conducted with Cristo, but none so complete as this book. An Interview with Cristo L. Bowers Including an Outline of the History and Development of His Intuitive Abilities is an exhaustive record of the practices that Cristo used to develop his intuitive abilities as well as the practices that he used to bring his intuitive faculties under conscious control. Not only is it, then, an interview documenting Cristo's early, intuitive history as a child, but it is a road map that others can follow to the conscious use of their intuition. For the Esotericist, there are many interesting facts pertaining to the human energy field and its superphysical structures that will amaze and challenge. Accessible to both the novice and the advanced student, the reader is sure to enjoy Cristo's first book. 

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"This book offers an inside look into the astounding abilities of Cristo Bowers. Cristo is a powerful world-class master teacher and master healer. This book includes the step-by-step process Cristo used to develop his incredible clairvoyance and healing abilities. He is very open and honest about his spiritual journey. Throughout the book Cristo gives tips on how the reader can expand their own intuitive abilities in a very real and practical way.  Cristo Bowers is the real deal!  If you get the chance to work with him, do it! Your life will change in ways you never thought possible."  Giselle Murphy, CEO at The Financial Toolbox Inc. 

"...I purchased Cristo’s newly released book An Interview with Cristo L. Bowers Including an Outline of the History and Development of His Intuitive Abilities. While not a large book, I found the content to be very interesting. Cristo talks about his own personal journey and how he developed his intuitive abilities in conjunction with psychological therapy to the point of where he is able to help heal hundreds of clients. Also in his book, Cristo discusses limiting/negative beliefs, the archetypes which we operate under and the chakra system. If you have any interest at all in this type of therapy and healing for yourself, I highly recommend that you read Cristo’s book, and if it resonates with you, contact him!"  —D. James, Sarasota, FL, November 2015


"A beautiful personal journey of awakening and developing one's intuitive abilities. Experiencing the journey through Cristo's eyes is not only insightful but inspiring. This interview details Cristo's ability to read the human energy field and the positive effects he has had on those who have been on the receiving end of his rather unconventional, but undeniably accurate and effective intuitive healing techniques."  —E. Jurik, Melbourne, Australia, January 2016

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I have written a new booklet titled An Argument for Accepting the Physical Body as an Auric Emanation. The booklet elaborates the importance of the physical body to students of spirituality through a comparative analysis of the physical and superphysical bodies. 


Please note: This booklet is available for online reading only. 

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