If you have problems scheduling your session online, please contact Diane at (734) 878-3198 or


Sessions are conducted by phone (Skype for international calls). Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.

You may prepare for your individual session by reviewing the client information sheet.  

During an Esoteric Psychology session, Cristo will use his ability to see your energy field to help you understand and overcome unconscious and limiting beliefs, and ingrained patterns that stand in the way of your personal success and happiness. 


Many people who have experienced one Esoteric Psychology session with Cristo have reported profound, permanent shifts.


“My work with Cristo has resulted in many permanent and significant shifts. For the past 5 years, Cristo has clearly seen and defined specific limiting beliefs that were clouding my perspective and judgment. Each time Cristo identifies a belief, it allows it to dissolve, and then shifts occur. My work with Cristo has transformed me from a person who worries to a person who lives in trust; Through my work with Cristo, I lost over 80 pounds and healed type 2 diabetes; and I went from bankruptcy to creating a company that generates a million dollars in revenue in less than six months.” —Anne Marie