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In these eight weekly webcasts, Cristo will include all of the healing modality activations listed below conducted consecutively.


In these eight webcasts, Cristo will include all of the healing modality activations listed below conducted consecutively. An opportunity for discussion and to ask questions will be held at the beginning of each program. In each weekly session, Cristo will conduct a 10-minute "reading" of the group energy field and will then move onto the activations.


Registrants may participate via the web, phone, or by simply meditating at the given time. Registrants will also receive these activations even if they cannot attend the webinar or are not able to meditate at the appointed time. Once registered, a participant enters into an energetic contract and will receive the activations automatically.


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Chakra Renewal Session:

During the Chakra Renewal Session, Cristo will download the energetic template of the front and rear aspects of each of the eight major chakras (Root, Sacral, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) to restore each chakra to its original state of functioning. Participants will remotely receive these energetic templates over a period of 2 to 3 minutes. Many who participate in these healing sessions report significant transformations that extend beyond the basic reconfiguration of the chakras to all aspects of their lives.


8th Chakra Activation:

The 8th Chakra, about the size and color of a walnut, is dormant in the majority of humanity. When the 8th Chakra is activated, it immediately triples in size, glows bright gold, spins, and emits sound. As it sounds, it begins to integrate the seven lower chakras into its vibrational matrix, thereby raising consciousness out of the personality into one’s spirituality. The 8th Chakra activation often awakens one’s latent psychic faculties.


Monadic Energy Healing:

During this healing, Cristo will flood the auric field of the recipient with Monadic Energy.  Monadic Energy actively and intelligently seeks out and begins to heal those aspects of the auric field that limit the personality from expressing its Divinity, often through initiating the collapse of negative beliefs and belief systems termed complexes.


Monadic Healing with Recipient-Focused Intention:

While Cristo transmits Monadic Energy, the intention of the recipient causes the Monadic Energy to flow along the lines of intention such that the Monadic Energy flows to those areas that the recipient desires most to be healed. An illustration of this type of healing is the biblical account of the woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of Christ’s garment (his auric field as a channel for Monadic Energy) and was healed of her affliction.


Devotional Heart Center Activation:

The Devotional Heart Center holds an archetypal image of the form of God to which a person is most devoted. Activating this center with Monadic Energy reawakens one’s Divine connection to this cardinal aspect of one’s self from which one has been cut off as a consequence of tribal or societal conditioning.


10th Chakra Activation:

The 10th Chakra is the Causal Body, as it is the storehouse of causes that effectively organize the life of the personality. Awakening this center through an infusion of Monadic Energy begins to integrate the personality into the Individuality. As a consequence of this initiation, individuals often awaken past-life memories and abilities.


Pada Puja:

In Sanskrit, Pada Puja is translated as “worship at the feet of the Guru or Master.” In this special activation, Monadic Energy is transferred by Cristo through the feet of the recipient into the primary energetic channel beneath the feet to the first chakra, or what Cristo terms the first point of differentiation from cosmic substance. When Monadic Energy touches this point, the activation unleashes a torrent of divine energy that rushes upward through the human energy field. Many who have experienced this activation experience an overall strengthening of their energy field as well as a profound sense of being complete. During this activation, many have had the spiritual experience of seeing the Christ and feeling themselves baptized by Him.


Connection to the Thought Center of Abundance:

Cristo has the ability to energetically connect an individual or a group to one of innumerable Centers of Thought located upon the archetypal plane. Once Cristo connects the individual human energy field to the Thought Center of Abundance, the patterns and forms of abundance begin to emerge through the linked  human energy field.  Simply, after this activation, one’s energy field begins to broadcast the vibrational qualities of abundance.