Cristo has combined the advanced auric mini-readings to create three life-changing packages.  Choose from Journey of the Personality, Journey of the Soul, and Initiations and Activations. Each unique, half-hour session is designed to help you understand the core drives of your personality or the cardinal aspects of your soul, or provide key initiations and activations that will facilitate your personal and spiritual transformation.

Journey of the Personality Package | $100 One-Half Hour  Click Here to Schedule and Purchase

Left Eye/Right Eye Complex

The Left-Eye/Right-Eye Complex encapsulates the individual conflict inherent in the personality's struggle to overcome its limitations to achieve its ideal expression—what Cristo terms its Divinity. An image located in the Left Eye Chakra reveals one’s image of oneself as Divine, while an image in the Right Eye Chakra reveals one’s image of oneself as human and fallible. Together, the two images represent the pain of the personality as it strives to resolve this conflict to assume its true identity.


Core Belief

Each person has a belief that generally spans the length of the Central Channel. Cristo refers to this belief as the Core Belief. The Core Belief represents one's fundamental psychological and emotional relationship to the world. The Core Belief generally develops during the experiences of childhood and then recedes into the unconscious to become the major psychological paradigm of one's relationship to the world in adulthood. Raising the Core Belief into consciousness facilitates its healing.


Investment of Power

Each person is, in the words of Caroline Myss, “hemorrhaging” energy. In various lectures, Cristo has heard Caroline speak on her ability to perceive the places or events wherein a person loses significant life force. Cristo has spent time investigating and perfecting his ability to perceive the aspect of a person's life wherein he or she has made his or her greatest negative energetic investment of power. This information is important, as it indicates the situation in which a person hemorrhages energy. Knowing your greatest energetic investment can help you resolve the significant loss of energy associated with it so you can use the energy for other creative purposes.


Idée Fixe

Idée Fixe is the dominant idea that the bulk of one’s energetic circuitry is plugged into on a fixed and determined basis. It is the one idea that dominates the personality that one longs to fully realize. This idea sits on the threshold of consciousness and can be construed to be “possession by idea.” Recognition of the idea and the energetic circuitry involved in its realization often results in profound healing and the redirection of one’s life force to other creative endeavors.

Journey of the Soul Package | $100 One-Half Hour  Click Here to Schedule and Purchase

Logoic Archetype

The essential nature of all living beings is Light. Each being is essentially a Ray of Light projected from the Logos, i.e., God, which undergoes embodiment and evolution. Cristo has the ability to examine the Ray of Light that exists at the center of each human being to apprehend its essential quality or nature, what Cristo terms the Logoic Archetype. Knowing one’s Logoic Archetype reveals one's essential identity that exists through all phases of growth and development. The Logoic Archetype may be thought of as the absolute identity of the Soul.

Trend of Past Life Roles

In the Tenth Chakra is a record of one’s past lives. Cristo can examine the records and see the general trend of past lives to determine the role that you repeatedly play once you incarnate. Knowing your Trend of Past Life Roles informs you of the true Office of Your Spirit and can help you settle into that sacred role.

Most Influential Past Life (Whose Karma is Still Working Out)

In the Tenth Chakra is a record of one’s past lives. Cristo can examine the records and see which past life is most influential in terms of organizing the experiences dealt with in the current life. Knowing one’s Most Influential Past Life aids in the recognition of one’s karma and facilitates the release from one’s karma as a conscious choice.

Dominant Chakra 

Cristo Bowers will clairvoyantly examine your auric field to reveal your Dominant Chakra—the chakra that shows the greatest development and functionality. Knowledge of one’s Dominant Chakra is essential to understanding and carrying out one’s vital role as a soul in human form.

Initiations and Activations Package | $100 One-Half Hour  Click Here to Schedule and Purchase

Monadic Energy Activation

During this healing, Cristo will flood the auric field of the recipient with Monadic Energy.  Monadic Energy actively and intelligently seeks out and begins to heal those aspects of the auric field that limit the personality from expressing its Divinity, often through initiating the collapse of negative beliefs and belief systems termed complexes.

Gift from the Higher Self Initiation

During Cristo’s public and private meditations with clients, the Higher Selves, or Augoeides, of clients have spontaneously appeared and delivered special messages of healing and transformation. During this special session, Cristo will invoke your Higher Self to give you a gift of healing and transformation. The messages assume the form of a glowing orb that is delivered from the hand of your Higher Self into your auric field. These messages are unique to each person and carry with them significant healing potential in the form of advanced energy work. Cristo will reveal the special content of the orb, as well as reveal the objective of the energy work performed on your auric field by your Higher Self.

Iowaska Initiation

Cristo does not advocate the use of drugs in the pursuit of “enlightenment.” Cristo has found, however, that the energy-being, or Deva, who works through the psychogenic compounds of Iowaska can be independently invoked to provide her insight and wisdom through a “vision” without subjecting the physical body and the psyche to the risks of Iowaska tea. In this individual ceremony, Cristo will invoke the Deva associated with Iowaska to provide you with a vision that ultimately reveals complex psychic entanglements or shadow aspects of self. Cristo has performed this energetic ceremony with others where it has proven to be a catalyst of profound change and transformation.

Vision of Self Activation 

Cristo will initiate an activation for God to provide you with a vision of your Ultimate Self. This activation provides the recipient with a unique and clear understanding of one’s Ultimate Self. Clairvoyantly, Cristo can watch as the message travels from the Mind of God, down the Central Channel, into the brain consciousness of the recipient, where it is witnessed by the waking consciousness. The Vision of Self Activation can profoundly affect one’s understanding of oneself.

Sessions are conducted by phone (Skype for international calls). Cristo will record your session.  You will receive a link to your audio file (MP3 or WAV format) via Dropbox within 72 hours that you can then download for free.

Due to Cristo's unique ability to help those who come to him, he is often scheduled months in advance. Also, to keep his personal and professional life in balance, he does not schedule personal sessions in the evenings or on the weekends.

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