"I have often pondered my life‘s purpose and when Cristo read my soul’s archetypal pathway, I was deeply touched. His reading resonated within my soul, but I had never imagined that what he described could be my purpose even though it was something I loved doing. I was often hesitant, but Cristo explained that a belief of mine blocked energy from passing through the way it was intended. He opened my eyes to how humanity could be affected if I were to fully engage in the action he described. The picture of that beautiful possibility was firmly planted in my consciousness and I am now dedicated to dismantling my false belief so that I can more completely fulfill my purpose." —Leah M.


Cristo's Soul-Path Workshop will help each participant identify and align with their soul's gifts to humanity. Over the course of five weeks, Cristo will reveal the dominant Soul-Paths (and the dominant, limiting thought-form related to each Soul-Path) of each participant. Additionally, Cristo will reveal the chakra* most closely related to each Soul-Path.


A Soul-Path is an archetypal force clairvoyantly visible to Cristo in the auric field of an individual that results in the expression of a specific form of activity intended to evolve humanity. The free expression of each Soul-Path is generally negatively impacted by what Cristo terms a dominant, limiting thought-form. Identifying the dominant, limiting thought-form related to each Soul-Path can clear them from the auric field so that one can align with the archetypal forces underlying one's unique Soul-Paths and fully bring one's spiritual gifts to humanity.

* Each Soul-Path emerges from a unique point on the central axis of the auric field. The Soul-Path often appears to emerge from a specific chakra or simply to pass through it. Knowledge of the related chakra is important as the related chakra largely determines the overarching purpose of the Soul-Path and helps to create a more nuanced understanding of it. 

Workshop participants who complete the course will receive the following benefits:

  • Detailed Knowledge of 5 Personal, Archetypal Forces

  • Detailed Knowledge of 5 Negative, Limiting Thought-Forms

  • Knowledge of the Most Closely Related Chakra to Each Soul-Path

  • Comprehension of Each Archetype as a Divine, Evolutionary Force

  • A Spontaneous and Profound Understanding of One’s Own Divinity

  • A Unique Understanding of the Divinity and Evolutionary Roles of One's Co-Participants

  • Energy Work to Help Dismantle Negative, Limiting Thought-Forms

  • Greater Alignment with One’s Divine Purpose

If you experience difficulty registering for this class, please contact Diane at diane@cristobowers.com or (734) 878-3198.