What People are Saying

"I believe that Cristo’s ability to see all the things that he can perceive in the energy field is on the leading edge of the next phase of human development." —L.E. 


"Cristo is truly gifted like no one I have ever heard of, except great intuitive healers like Caroline Myss and Edgar Cayce. I truly believe that Cristo is a great gift to humankind, to help us heal and awaken at this time." 



“If you are reading this, you are likely on a journey to heal or grow spiritually that has brought you to Cristo. I can tell you from personal experience that you have finally found someone who can truly help. With Cristo’s incredible gifts, even the most painful lifelong scars can be healed.” —C.R.

"When my partner and I were on the brink of splitting up, I suggested that we work with Cristo.  I had recently experienced his workshop How to Read the Human Energy Field and was very much impressed. As a result, my partner and I booked a couples session with Cristo that literally turned our relationship around. The insight Cristo gave us in an hour would have taken months, possibly years, to uncover in traditional therapy. Cristo is compassionate, efficient, and effective. We now have a deeper understanding of each other's nature and are moving daily toward greater intimacy. Every couple should do this. Wow! —E.M.

"Don't call Cristo or schedule anything with him unless you are fully prepared for your whole life to improve immediately." —N.P. 


"There are many ways I imagine Cristo applying his unique abilities to foster individual and world healing. I picture Cristo helping organizations like the UN, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation—groups with money and people resources to engage and bring about global change." —P.O.


"You lead others to discover their own truths and help them unlock the problems they have blocking them from becoming healthy as well as happier. You are also teaching others to find the gifts they have to help other people, so I also see you as a Peacemaker, Spiritual & World Leader."



“In addition to working with individuals, Cristo is wonderfully gifted at perceiving the energetic structures of groups and organizations and the connections and flow of energies between multiple individuals. He has fully as much capacity to bring just as much great insight, increased functionality, empowerment and transformation to groups and organizations as he does to individuals.”



"Most people probably think an avatar is a tall blue creature shown in one of James Cameron’s movies. But the origin of the term 'avatar' stems from Hinduismthat it’s a divine being who descended to Earth to have human form for a particular spiritual purpose. Cristo is such an avatar though he is too modest to use that term." C.Y.

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