Many people do not realize that there are solutions to life’s little and BIG problems and so they suffer needlessly. For over a decade, I have helped my clients find solutions to life’s problems. I have successfully helped people gain greater happiness in virtually every area of life. I have helped people work through negative beliefs and belief systems, cultural and religious conditioning, internalized criticism, grief, irrational fears, loss, negative self-images, anxiety, self-sabotage, anger, hurt, indecision, voicelessness, relationship issues, and more. I have also helped my clients learn about and establish healthy boundaries with significant others, including parents, spouses, and adult children, to reclaim their happiness.

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"If you are reading this, you are likely on a journey to heal or grow that has brought you to Cristo. I can tell you from personal experience that you have finally found someone who can truly help." —C.R.


"Don't call Cristo or schedule anything with him unless you are fully prepared for your whole life to improve immediately." —N.P. 

Do two things before you leave this page: Imagine the life you want, and let me help you create it.