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"This very kind and gentle man will look at you without judgment, and access the deepest levels of your Being. He sees the archetypal energies and patterns that shape and define us. And then with his profound healing abilities, he is able to shift and/or remove blocks to our spiritual growth. I have experienced dozens of psychics and healers over the years. I can assure you that Cristo is definitely in a league of his own." C.R

"Cristo is unlike any other clairvoyant I have ever met in using his great gifts to illuminate and bring transformation to the spiritual aspects of people's lives, which in turn ripples out bringing positive transformation into every other area of their lives. He helps them see the big picture of their life in a way that they have never seen before. With laser like precision, he provides precise insights into their life purpose; the core issue(s) to be resolved or transformed in this lifetime; the major archetypal patterns that are expressing in their lives and how these relate to their life purpose; their major enabling or hindering beliefs; and the degree of evolution, function and dysfunction of the major chakras and primary meridians in their auric fields. He is one of only a few clairvoyants who clearly perceive and help people connect with the higher 8- 12 chakras. Along with this, he provides specific guidance for how to transform that which needs transformation, provides valuable insights into the specific challenges that are confronting them right now, and does energy work and initiates blessings and new, positive energetic patterns for individuals and groups. I have personally experienced and have also observed in others, spontaneous profound transformations." D.W.

"I hope more of the world gets to know you and the work you do. You are more than a healer, more than a psychic or clairvoyant. You are what I perceive to be a Guide, but one here in the flesh that everyone can see. You lead others to discover their own truths and help them unlock the problems they have blocking them from becoming healthy as well as happier. You are also teaching others to find the gifts they have to help other people, so I also see you as a Peacemaker, Spiritual & World Leader. You are the most genuine, giving person I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Grace and Peace to you while you share yourself with the World. What a blessing you are!" P.L.H

"I believe that his ability to see all the things that he can perceive in energy fields is on the leading edge of the next phase of human development. He is demonstrating to us what is possible. The aspects of our psyches that are in shadow can be particularly tricky, by virtue that they can be unseen "blind spots." Cristo's ability to discern and describe what is hidden to our own awareness is a remarkable assist to healing." L.E.